Kiddyguard Avant Gate Bannister Kit Housing Side

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KiddyGuard Bannister Installation Kits allow you to mount your gate where stairway bannisters or spindles are present. Each Bannister Installation Kit fits square bannisters up to 2” x 2” and round bannisters up to 2” in diameter, and is specific for attaching the Locking Strip (the component that secures the gate’s closure hook) or Gate Housing (the component that holds the mesh panel and winding mechanism).

Because the Gate Housing has two points of attachment for stabilizing the unit that contains the retractable mesh panel, the KiddyGuard Bannister Installation Kit for Housing contains two connectors plus the necessary hardware for attaching onto a square or round bannister.


  • Use to install the Gate Housing of your KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Baby Safety Gate where stairway bannisters or spindles are present
  • Protects decorative wood and/or metal-work at point of installation
  • Contains two Bannister Connectors for top & bottom of the Gate Housing, plus hardware
  • Fits square bannisters up to 2”x2” and round bannisters up to 2” in diameter


Note: You will also need the Avant Locking Strip Kit if you are mounting the gate in between two banisters.


This kit does not work with the Accent Gate. The KiddyGuard Accent cannot be installed between two banisters.