Retail Store Prices versus the Online E-Store Prices

The prices in the Royal Diaperer Retail Store and the prices on The Royal Diaperer Online E-Store website (www.royaldiaperer.com) may occasionally vary due to exclusive in-store or exclusive online promotions.

The retail store and the online e-store are considered separate entities. If you are in the retail store and find an item on sale it is possible that the price may be different on the website. If you are shopping online and find an item on sale, the retail store may not be offering the same sale.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about price differences between the retail store and the online e-store.

All prices are subject to change without notice at either location. Prices posted do not include HST/GST or shipping.

Special Orders

Most items that are currently not in stock may be special ordered . Please allow additional time for these deliveries. You will be notified with delivery schedule.

Stroller Set Up

We offer free stroller set up. In most cases it is as easy as putting on tires and a canopy however there are some that require a more lengthy set up and for that  we are more than pleased to help. We will make sure the stroller is in perfect working order before you leave the store; pumping tires, check brakes, folding mechanisms etc.  We will record all information necessary for warranty and get rid of the box for you. If your stroller has already been purchased (and either taken with you or left here until ready for pickup), we appreciate a call before you come see us so we can have the stroller ready for you. (If you do not call, no big deal - but please be patient with us if we are busy).

We know as expecting parents you have a lot on your plate, if we can help by taking one less set up off your hands we are happy to do that.

Car Seat Installation

We are pleased to offer your first car seat installation free with all car seats purchased from us. From infant seats to booster seats; we can walk you through the ins and outs of a safe car seat install. We have 2 certified car seat technicians on staff (Certified by The Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada) that are happy to help you. If you do not catch all the info we throw at you with the first install? No problem - stop by we can run through it again with you - all covered as our thanks for purchasing your seat from us. For additional installations for car seats purchased at our store or our online store a cost of $14.00 will apply.

If you purchased your seat elsewhere - we can help you with that! For a $32.00 Fee ( plus tax) we can run through all the basics and try to answer any questions you may have about the install of your seat.  If your seat was purchased elsewhere and we do not carry it - we can still help you. We have a certified tech that has vast experience with many different seats and can walk you through your install ($32 charge per install still applies). 

Please call or drop by to book an installation appointment. Technician availability varies. 902-252-3780