Custom Gift Basket - New Mom/ Mom-to-Be

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We can create custom Gift Baskets! If you need a gift for a friend, employee or one of your valued customers - we can help you make it fast and easy! We will create gift baskets for baby boys, girls, moms to be or even do a themed gift basket such as bath or feeding supplies for a baby or toddler in your life. Our gift baskets can be delivered locally for a $10.00 charge within days of you ordering it!  If you have a specific item you would like in the gift basket - we can make that happen, give us call with the specifics (if any) and we will do our best to make it work :) 

*If you would like a more deluxe basket ($200+ range) please call and order your basket over the phone.

Phone: 902-252-3780

Gift Basket featured in the picture shown has a value of $100.00

*Please note, in most cases, local delivery is within a 20km radius of our location*