Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier - Blue/Teal 6-18 Months

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Ultra Soft Pacifier:

The softest soother for your baby's delicate skin*

Flexible shield for a comfortable fit

Soft, flexible shield for fewer skin marks & less irritation.

 Delicate skin needs extra care. Our FlexiFit technology lets this shield follow the natural curves of your baby's face for a comfortable fit. Your little one will experience fewer skin marks and less irritation.

Rounded shield for extra comfort every day

Our rounded shield minimizes pressure for comfortable soothing that's gentle on your little one's cheeks.

96% of babies accept our ultra soft pacifiers*

Babies know what they like! We asked moms how their little ones respond to our textured silicon nipples and 96% said that their baby accepts the Philips Avent ultra soft pacifiers.

Textured, silky nipple for soothing comfort

This pacifier’s silky, textured silicon nipple soothes and comforts your little one.

Respects your little one's natural oral development

Our collapsible silicone nipple has a symmetrical shape that respects your baby's palate, teeth and gums as they grow.

Sterilizing in the microwave is safe and easy

With our carry case you can sterilize your baby's pacifer in the microwave and store hygienically when you're on the move.

Simple steps for reliable sterilization in 3 minutes

Place well-rinsed pacifiers into the case, add 25ml/9fl.oz. of water and microwave at 750-1000W for 3 minutes. Leave to cool for 5 minutes, pour water away and they're ready to go