Tiny Twinkle Stainless Steel Fork and Spoon Set - Rose

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Stainless Steel Fork and Spoon Set - Rose


Tiny Twinkle's Fork & Spoon set features curved, chunky handles that are easy for toddlers to grasp. The faceted handle design is both aesthetically appealing and prevents handles from slipping from hands. Soft, textured, non-slip, gripping areas are placed at the back of the handles for added resistance. Built-in, hexagon shaped supports prevent the spoon and fork heads from touching surfaces. Spoon features a deep, stainless steel spoon bowl for easy scooping. Rounded stainless steel fork tines are safe, effective and attached to a wider fork head that can also be used with the scooping motion natural for beginning self-feeders.

  • Durable stainless steel heads
  • Chunky, easy-to-grasp handles
  • Soft, textured, non-slip gripping areas
  • Built-in supports allow utensils to rest without touching surface

For ages 12 months and up.