Tiny Love Wonder Buddies - Leonardo the Lion

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-The Wonder buddies are designed with smart sensors, making playtime interactive and exciting
-Interactive sensors for 7 different features
-Your little one will love to play peek-a-boo; Hide the Wonder buddies in a drawer or under a blanket - hear the Whistle as the Wonder buddies call your little one to come and find them
-Perfectly fitting to their little palms and motor skills abilities, babies and toddlers can grab the Wonder buddies to bounce or shake them and hear the rewarding wobbling and Boing sounds, tickle their tummies to make their hearts glow, press their little noses to make them sneeze, feed them a carrot (apple or cheese; depending on the buddy) to hear them nibble and put them to bed for sweet, amusing snoring
-The Wonder buddies will have your toddler laughing with delight, as well as learning about cause and effect
-Develops communications, cognition, creativity and imagination
-Includes 7 plays cards for creative storytelling time
-Interactive play developed especially for 1 year old toddlers