Thinksport Airtight lunch container - Pink GO2

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Unlike many other lunch style boxes, the GO2 container seals off each compartment. You can literally fill each compartment with different colored water, shake it and not have the colors mix. This was no easy feat. But nobody likes having their sandwich soggy because some sort of sauce or juice flowed into that compartment. There are also a few lunch containers that have lids for each compartment. This creates a lot of cleaning and a high probability that lids end up getting lost. The GO2 container features an embedded silicone matrix to seal off each area completely. And finally, we built in our very stylish, ergonomic fork and spoon so that it easily fits into its own compartment. No more forks and spoons getting lost. And it's just utterly convenient to have a place to store them so that they are not loose during travel.

  • GO2 Container comes in Blue, Orange, White, and Pink! Fork and spoon secured. No losing utensils.
  • Large compartments make it easy to place food for lighter to heavy fare. Just fill and GO!
  • Modern and highly functional. From the moment that you hold the GO2 container, you will understand that it is a very sturdy, well-designed product.
  • No skid design, because nobody wants their meatballs on the floor.The GO2 container is ideal for school, work, travel, camping or around the house.
  • Patent Pending
  • As with all Thinkbaby and Thinksport products, we apply our strict material standards to everything that we do. So no phthalates, BPA, BPS, PET, lead, melamine, nitrosamines or biologically harmful chemicals.
  • Materials:
    • 304 Stainless steel (18/8) for both the inner plate and fork and spoon.
    • Polypropylene for outer casing of GO2, GO2 Lid, and Fork/Spoon handle.
    • Silicone rings built into the lid to seal the compartments.

    Size: GO2 Container 9.5 inches wide 2.5 inches high 6 inches long. Fork and spoon 6.5 inches

  • The GO2 Container is dishwasher safe. The metal inner plate is designed to be removed for easy cleaning. Periodically, we would recommend pulling the silicone out of the insert to make sure that it is clean as well.
  • The Why was sort of simple. We were annoyed by the lunch containers on the market. They either looked completely medicinal or lacked enough functionality to really make them useful.
    When we designed the container, we wanted it to be highly sustainable. From the moment you first hold the container, you'll understand the strength of the materials used. Second, we were very interested in solving the problem of food migrating from one area to the other. Most folks don't really like their food mixing, we are no different.
    Next, we wanted to embed the fork and spoon in such a way that they were both sanitary and secure. Plus the clear top makes it obvious that they are there when you arrive.
  • Since our company's inception, we have been focused on being socially responsible. For us this means three things:
    • Create safe products
    • Have the least impact possible on the environment in the creation, packaging, usage, and disposal of product possible.
    • Connect to non-profit organizations engaged in activities that help the world become a safer, healthier place
    Since 2007, we have provided products for various fundraisers for diabetes, child abuse, autism, and cancer organizations, and have provided direct aid to catastrophes such as the Texas fires and Haiti. In addition, we have been proud donors to Texas4000, Healthy Child Healthy World, Environmental Working Group, and St. Jude.
    Our program evolved, and through a little bit of "thinking," Thinksocial was created. We came up with Thinksocial as a way to empower consumers to choose which non-profits they feel most connected to and want to monetarily support. We call it the democratization of social responsibility.