The Tabby from Away Who Came to Stay

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By : Jim Bradford is an award winning editorial cartoonist who was a mounted policeman for nearly 30 years. He lives in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

In this delightful and hilarious adventure, a neglected, abandoned tabby cat pops out of the potato sack he’s been stuffed into and takes a tour of his new surroundings, the beautiful, historic town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Tabby has adventures on the deck of the Bluenose, the film set of a hit show, and in the old Gallow’s Hill graveyard with a gang of local bullies. Along the way he sees some beautiful sights: famous churches and inns and a breathtaking castle—the Lunenburg Academy—on the top of the hill. Just across the street from the castle there lives a little girl who has been pining away for a cat just like this one. But it’s going to take a lot of convincing and a lucky accident to get this tabby and this girl together.