Stonz Natural Rubber Rain Boots - Crabapple

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Rain Boots - Crabapple 

Puddles were made to play in, and the Stonz Rain Boots ensure your little adventurer stays dry and cozy even when its pouring outside. Thanks to its non-slip soles and super flexible material, your kiddo will be able to run, jump and walk safely on slippery terrains.Made with 100% toxic-free natural rubber to keep up with their active life, these waterproof rain boots dont have a single seam or gap to let water in. Dry toes all day long!100% waterproof: So their little toes stay dry and warm through endless puddle-jumping afternoons.Toxic-free rubber: No dangerous chemicals for your kid. These are free of dangerous toxins, PVC, phthalates, lead, flame retardants & formaldehyde.Warm and comfortable: The soft cotton lining makes these boots warm in colder weather. If you need extra warmth, add Rain Boot Liners to wear it all year round!CPMA-certified to help their developing feet: These have grippy rubber soles with no heel, certified by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association to help strengthen your kids feet, support their lower back and avoid future back problems.Easy to put on, take off & clean: With an extra wide opening these are easy for little fingers to put on, while the all-rubber surface cleans in a pinch even after muddy days.All-vegan construction: No animal by-products were used in this product