Safety 1st Precrawler Ready Kit (35 Pieces)

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Your pre-crawler" may be creeping, scooting, rolling, rocking, squirming or all of the above. Start safeguarding your home with the Safety 1st Pre-Crawler Ready Set to give them a safer space as they begin to explore. Outlets are close to the floor and easy for a curious baby to reach. Installing Plug Protectors helps prevent access to unused outlets. They feature a smooth, non-grip design and opaque color that goes unnoticed by children. Open doors between rooms are easy for little hands to grasp onto. Using a Finger Pinch Preventer helps to protect little fingers from gaps in open doors that might other wise swing shut. Low tables and other furniture are other tempting targets for your little explorer. Using Corner Cushions will soften furniture corners and help to prevent unnecessary bumps and bruises. Cabinets contain cookies, snacks, and other food that children shouldn't have easy access to. Install Latches on cabinets or drawers. These helpful devices help keep curious children from getting inside. Safeguarding your home with the Pre-Crawler Ready Set before baby starts exploring will allow you to enjoy every moment even more.

  • Includes 35 safeguarding aids to help create a safe environment for crawling baby
  • 20 Plug Protectors for preventing access to unused outlets
  • 10 Cabinet & Drawer Latches to help keep items inside away from curious children
  • 4 Corner Cushions to soften furniture corners and help prevent bumps and bruises
  • 1 Finger Pinch Preventer to help protect little fingers from gaps in open doors