Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles Essentials Set

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Philips Avent BPA Free Anti-colic Essentials Baby Bottle Gift Set, SCD398/01, provides everything a new parent needs for safe, easy feeding and sterilizing. Each of the 4 BPA-free Anti-colic baby bottles included in this set features a clinically proven anti-colic valve for less air in baby's tummy and a more comfortable feeding experience. The set includes 2 Anti-colic 9 ounce/260ml baby bottles with 2 Anti-colic slow flow nipples, 2 Anti-colic 4 ounce/125ml baby bottles with 2 Anti-colic newborn nipples, Microwave Sterilizer, Formula Dispenser, Bottle Brush, My First Transition Cup, and Newborn Silicone Pacifier. The ultra-fast and easy to use Microwave Sterilizer kills 99.9% of harmful germs and sterilizes 4 bottles in just 2 minutes. The Formula Dispenser holds 3 pre-measured portions of milk powder and is ideal for travel. The Bottle Brush's curved brush head and molded tip cleans hard to reach areas. The My First Trainer Cup allows you to add handles to a familiar bottle and nipple and comes with a nipple and soft spout for easy training. The Newborn Silicone Pacifier has a soft, long-lasting silicone nipple and its orthodontic, flat, symmetrical shape respects the natural development of palate, teeth and gums.