Peg Perego Shuttle Backless Booster with Rigid Latch

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Shuttle Backless Booster with Rigid Latch: 

Dual Layer Comfort: Ideal for long journeys, the Viaggio 2-3 Shuttle seat is designed to be extremely comfortable thanks to its double layer of expanded material: the first layer is EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene), which helps absorb deceleration in the event of a collision: the second layer is Expanded Polyurethane, which is softer and ergonomically shaped to offer maximum comfort even during very long journeys. The comfortable armrest gives the pleasant impression of being seated in a little armchair.

Suitable from 40 to 120 lbs, maximum height of 63 inches! Includes a detachable cup holder, fabric removes easily and is machine washable. The Shuttle features integrated surefix latches to keep your booster stable while the child moves around as well as when the child is not present in the vehicle. Also included is a built in seat belt guide to help with proper positioning of the vehicle seat belt on your child.

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