Peg Perego Nido 4/35 Car Seat Extra Base

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Nido 4/35 Car Seat Base with Load Leg:


* Infinite Recline: turning knob allows to set base at proper angle. Trizone bubble indicator

* Anti Rebound Bar: Built-in anti rebound bar for superior protection in case of a collision.

* Latch storage compartment.

* Right Tight System: Easily and securely locks base in place.

* Base with adjustable load leg with energy absorbing crumpling foot.

* Red/green indicators state when seat is correctly attached to the base.

* If not in use, indicator states whan Load Leg is correctly stored.

* Includes load leg base which is adjustable to 10 different positions.

* Load leg can be folded under the base when not in use.

* The Energy Management Foot crumples under loading during a crash absorbing energy away from the baby.

Base Weight 5 kg

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