Pali Potenza Flat Top Forever Crib - Distressed Granite

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The Pali Potenza Crib is capable of converting from a crib into a toddler bed, day bed, and a full size bed. Right out of the box it's a standard size crib with three adjustable mattress heights. While each height setting is safe to use with a newborn your pediatrician will recommend lowering the height once your baby begins rolling over and sitting upright.

Toddler Bed -  Eventually our delicate babies grow into fearless toddlers and attempt to escape the crib. Once yours little one attempts to climb over the rail, it could be time for the Pali Potenza Crib Rail. This low rail creates a guard-railed sleeping space while allowing your toddler to make safe exits. (sold separately)

Day Bed -  The Pali Potenza Crib Rail can be retired once your little one is school aged and less likely to fall out of bed. The completely open Day Bed setup is a very exciting step for most children. Nothing says "I'm a big kid" like removing the crib-like rail off the side of your bed! 

Full Size Bed - Your crib's final and longest stage! The two longest of your Potenza crib will act as the Head-board and Foot-board, connected with the Pali Universal Double Bed Rails. The Full Size bed size, is 53 x 74.5 in so perfectly suitable for a teenager headed toward adult hood. (sold separately)

A standard sized mattress is an excellent fit for all Pali cribs. All the spindles on the front and side are flat and narrow with rounded edges. The distance between each spindle complies with U.S. safety requirements. The sustainable hardwood, and non-toxic materials will make for the best way to put your baby down to sleep. 

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  • Made in Vietnam
  • Meets or exceeds all Canadian and American Safety standards.
  • All baby-safe, non-toxic finishes
  • Crib dimensions: 59 x 32.5 x 50.5
  • The toddler rail and the full-size bed rails are sold separately. We strongly recommend that the conversion rails be purchased at the same time as the crib. Please note that, when converting the crib into a full-size bed you need to use under the mattress either a box spring or a bunky board - 

    Please allow up to 6-10 weeks for delivery. This item is available for In Store Pick-Up Only

    We have a selection of Pali furniture on our sales floor. We do keep some Pali stock in inventory, please call for availability. 

  • Also known as Napoli Forever Distressed Granite