My Nova Scotia CookBook

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My Nova Scotia Cookbook provides a delicious selection of Nova Scotia favourites for all cooks – beginner to experienced. This cookbook is a collection of recipes from Chanelle’s personal-favourite cook: Nana. Other recipes were provided by professional local chefs, family members, and other Nova Scotian’s who just, well… know how to cook. Chanelle Jefferson's whimsical drawings illustrate aspects of each recipe, making it easy for readers to break down and prepare these Atlantic dishes.


About the Author & Illustrator.

Chanelle Jefferson is a born and bred Nova Scotian artist raised on fresh seafood, and leafy greens. She displayed an early passion for the arts that led her to study International Baccalaureate (IB) art classes in high school and pursue visual arts workshops in her free time. She currently works as an illustrator, painter and printmaker, while operating her business where she sells and distributes her works. 


Glen Margaret Publishing is a proud Nova Scotia publisher.