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SUPER SOFT WASHCLOTHS FOR YOUR BABY’S TENDER SKIN: These bamboo wash cloths  are soft and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.  These wash cloths for body/face are safe, smooth and gentle on newborn skin which can be extra sensitive to new material or fabrics.

USE AS WIPES:  Immerse in warm water and use as diaper wipes on your baby’s sensitive areas instead of cold disposable wipes to ensure that no chemicals or harsh ingredients touch your baby’s skin. 

FUN & EASY BATH TIME: Perfect for bath time, these versatile washcloths can be used in the bath or to sponge bathe your newborn.

MULTIPLE USES: The Kushies washcloths aren’t just for babies, they are perfect for the whole family.  These washcloths can be used by toddlers, older children and adults alike.  Use as face wipes while your toddler is learning to eat, as a kid’s washcloth or even to remove makeup.

ABOUT KUSHIES:   At Kushies, we ‘ve been dedicated to babies and baby products since 1988.  We’re parents first so everything we manufacture has to be something we use personally.  As a family owned and operated business, producing the best and safest baby products for babies and their parents is what we’ve been doing for decades.    We manufacture many of our products in Canada which allows us to truly understand how products should be made.  This expertise translates into a deep commitment to quality and safety so that parents can concentrate on their precious babies.

BAMBOO: Made of premium bamboo (70%) and 100% cotton (30%).

SIZE: 9” x 9” (22.86cm x 22.86cm). Pack of 6