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KidSwitch is a glow-in-the-dark light switch extender, which attaches easily to any toggle style light switch. This award winning product features a smiling moon handle that extends down 12" from the light switch, giving your little one the extra reach needed to safely operate room lights.

As an added benefit, KidSwitch helps teach toddlers the energy saving habit of turning the lights OFF when they leave the room! And, KidSwitch has helped countless toddlers with potty training: No more scary trips to a dark bathroom!

You will love the freedom from no longer having to perform this repetitive task for your little ones, and they will love this small bit of independence. Your child will smile and say, "I did it myself!" 

KidSwitch can be installed on single, double, or more toggle style light switches. Simply use a screwdriver to replace your current switch plate screws with the KidSwitch screws.

KidSwitch is simple to install and fun and easy to use!

Perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and playroom! 

Makes a great gift too!

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