Juddlies Dream Swaddle - Pink

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Dream Swaddle 

The Dream Swaddle is the perfect solution to safe swaddled sleeping. Dream Swaddles allow you to wrap your baby in their desired position (arms in or out) in a fast and simple manner. All babies need to feel the warm cocooning of being swaddled in their initial weeks (sometimes months!) to help them get that sound sleep they need, to grow strong and healthy. This item was designed using our Breathe Eze fabric which has tiny perforations on the inner layer of material. This allows for air to circulate easily around your baby. The Dream Swaddle is the perfect solution for safe sleeping and sweet dreams for everyone! 

• Made with 100% soft, breathable cotton 
• Convenient 2-way zipper for easy in and out 
• Cozy and secure fabric swaddle with quiet Velcro fastener that won't disturb baby 
• Buttons in the armholes transitions the Dream Swaddle from swaddle to sleeping bag 
• Suitable for ages 0-3m (height: 48-58cm; weight: 3-5kg) 
• Stop using inside swaddle portion of the Dream Swaddle when the baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle wrap