Honeysuckle d'Warmer: Breastmilk Defroster

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No more warming a sterile breastmilk bag by soaking it in an unsterilized bowl of water, where the bag can get contaminated. Or wasting resources letting tap water run over the bag. Or shocking the milk with the sudden heat from an unfriendly electric bottle warmer.

Honeysuckle changes all that with d’Warmer, a unique device that warms milk bags safely and naturally, eliminating all the problems and hassles of the other methods. You simply place the bag into d’Warmer’s inner container, secure the top, then pour hot water into the cap of the container. In about an hour,the transfer of heat from the water in the outer container to the air inside the inner container warms the milk in the HoneySuckle® Bag,which remains hygienically dry at all times.

To chill breastmilk, substitute ice water for hot water in the outer container.

HoneySuckle d’Warmer is microwavable and dishwasher safe.

d’Warmer is one more example of Honeysuckle’s commitment to creating products that are friendlier to moms, babies and the environment.