Dreambaby Mini Multi-Purpose Latches 4pk

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Dreambaby Mini Multi-Purpose Latches are simple to use in any room of the home and require no tools to install. With super-strength adhesive backing, they can be effortlessly applied to most surfaces including glass, timber, metal and laminates. - SECURE EVERYTHING FROM GLASS, MIRROR OR METAL CABINETS TO REFRDIGERATORS, FURNITURE; EVEN TOILETS: They are flexible and can be used straight across or around edges. They adhere safely and firmly to surfaces such as glass and mirrors, laminated furniture, cabinets and more. Gently pull the strap off the disc and replace to return to secure lock position. - NO TOOLS OR SCREWS REQUIRED: Because they are adhesive, they are the ideal child-proofing solution for renters. Use these in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, storage area or any bedroom. Easy for adults to operate with one hand while they are are safe for curious toddlers to handle. It's important to use a variety of safety products in your house to help prevent children from learning how to operate them. - PREVENT CURIOUS TODDLERS FROM GAINING ACCESS TO POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SITUATIONS: Rest assured that your mischevious toddlers are safe while they explore their surroundings. As children grow, it often only takes seconds for them to play with something they shouldn't and hurt themselves. For this reason, it's crucial to make your entire home safe for your little ones. - BPA FREE, PHTHALATE FREE, LATEX FREE AND LEAD FREE: Made of safe materials that conform to global child-safety standards. - For over 30 years, Dreambaby® has listened to the safety challenges of parents and caregivers throughout the world and has set out to provide safe and practical products to solve them. - Currently available in English only packaging.