Dreambaby EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers - 3pk

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Some doors in the home are meant to stay closed. Keep them that way, even with a curious toddler in your home by using the Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers. These covers are designed to help prevent children from accessing certain rooms, while still allowing adults to move freely throughout the home.

·KEEP THE DOORS CLOSED: Use on both your interior and exterior doors to keep your child right where they belong. Great for places like the front door, pantry, basement or other places where you don’t need them roaming and rummaging
·TOO HARD FOR LITTLE HANDS: With the Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers adults can easily access the door knob through the cover but it is too hard for little hands
·DESIGNED WITH FAMILIES IN MIND: These door knob covers are made to fit most standard door knobs which makes them great for all kinds of homes and families. Stock up on several packs so you can use them all throughout the home. They are so easy to use, you can even keep one in your handbag for when you are out visiting friends or family
·ACCOMMODATES LOCKING DOORS: For even more convenience the Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers feature an access hole that allows you to still use locking push or twist buttons on doors. It’s a great product to fit seamlessly into everyday life while keeping your child safe
·EZY-FIT DOOR KNOB COVER SPECIFICATIONS: The Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers include 3 covers. Covers come in two pieces that snap together over most standard doorknobs. Designed to deter children from opening doors while allowing adults to travel seamlessly room to room