Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit 10 PC

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Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit is packed with the necessary items to help keep your baby well groomed and healthy. Packed in a convenient plastic storage case, it is easy to keep organized and great for travel. - INCLUDES COMB AND BRUSH SET: Comb is non scratch with rounded tips to detangle hair without pulling those dreaded tears. The brush is soft and gentle on the scalp with an easy grip toddler-sized handle. - INCLUDES A TOOTHBRUSH: The compact head and soft bristles ensure great oral hygiene for developing teeth; The easy grip handle encourages your toddler to learn correct brushing techniques with ease - INCLUDES NAIL CLIPPERS: Sized and curved for safer trimming of little finger and toe nails. Dreambaby Emery boards -are great to gently file away any sharp or jagged edges on little nails - INCLUDES BABY SAFE NAIL SCISSORS: With comfortable handles the scissors have a rounded tip for added safety - For over 30 years, Dreambaby® has listened to the safety challenges of parents and caregivers throughout the world and has set out to provide safe and practical products to solve them. - Currently available in english only packaging.