Woombie GROW WITH ME 5 Convertible Swaddle + Wearable Blanket CREAM

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An expandable swaddle sleepsack?! You have to take a look at the Woombie Grow With Me 5-stage swaddle + wearable blanket that covers your growing baby from 0-9 months and even up to 18 months with the addition of an extended length!


  • Stage One: Swaddle for = 0-3 Months/5-13 lbs 
    • For babies 20+ inches long. Place baby inside of swaddle and simply zip from the bottom all the way to the top. 
  • Stage Two: Swaddle+ for 2-4 Months/12-16 lbs. 
    • For babies 22+ inches long. Unzip swaddle 2/3 way to opposite bottom corner. Expands 1.25" and adds 4" in length. 
  • Stage Three: Expanded Swaddle for 3-6 Months/14-19 lbs 
    • For babies 24+ inches long. Fully unzip swaddle with babies arms remaining inside for the same comforting touch. Swaddle increases over 3" in width and 4-8" in length. 
  • Stage Four: Wearable Blanket for 6-9 Months/20-25 lbs. 
    • For babies 24+ inches long. With swaddle fully unzipped, open arm snaps on the sides to allow for "arms-free" sleep, transforming the swaddle into a warm and cozy wearable blanket. BONUS 
  • Stage Five: XL Wearable Blanket for 9-18 Months/20-28 lbs 
    • For babies 27-33 inches long. Fabric on the bottom of the swaddle lengthens to grow with your baby! 


  • Made of cotton spandex 
  • The First Swaddle That Expands with Baby to Hit Every Milestone, Lasting up to 18 months! 
  • No More Need for Purchasing Multiple Items, Now You'll Have One From Birth - 18 Months 
  •  Safe, Smart, and Super Effective 
  • Fabric is Stretchy, Light, and Breathable 
  • To Cocoon Baby and Mimic Care Givers Touch