Stroller Tune Up Service - Basic

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Living in the Maritimes means that we get to contend with lots of different weather caused grime – dust, mud, sand and lots and lots of salt! These East Coast inevitabilities can do a real number on your stroller. If you’ve noticed that your beloved mini me mobile is not pushing the way it once did; it more than likely needs a tune up. We recommend performing (or getting) stroller tune-ups every three months if you’re a heavy stroller user or if you live in areas more prone to the above mentioned dirt. Otherwise, every six months to year or so is fine.

What is included in a tune-up?

The “Basic” includes:

Wiping down frame.

Removal and wiping down of tires and wheel shafts.

Lubrication of Wheels and Brake System.

Wiping down your stroller fabric.

Pumping up tires (if needed).

Check to make sure all functions; folding, brakes, adjustable handle are in tip top shape!

Please allow for 2 Business days for the “Basic” service.

Stroller can be dropped off any day of the week.

Please call store before dropping your stroller off, 902-252-3780 

Pick Up & Deliveries within the 20 KM radius.

Will contact you to arrange pick up / delivery