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The Mini EasyMat is a UK designed portable suction plate and placemat in one piece with 4 strong suction cups, folding sides, lid and case. Our 'On the Go' Plate offers a solution to help promote happier self-feeding with a little less mess at home AND provide help with eating out and about with weaning babies. Our mission was to provide a simple yet practical solution to a common problem. It's purpose is to assist parents with their babies and toddlers' during the messy weaning stages and way beyond that . We want to help allow infants to explore their food and have fun learning, without the risk of the whole meal ending up on the floor. Families eat out more and more nowadays, this family time is precious. The EasyMat Mini can help make this a little easier for you.

 This is how;

 Pre - Fill with food before you go out - If you would prefer to prepare your babies food before you go out then the EasyMat Mini has a tight lid, suitable for transporting food from home to restaurant, pub, visiting family or friends. Transport your plate in the carry case provided with your purchase.

 No more concerns about the cleanliness of high chairs at restaurants. You will have a clean, safe and sturdy portable plate suitable for feeding your little one wherever you go. Whichever method of weaning you choose the EasyMat can make life easier and make mealtimes much more enjoyable.

 The mat benefits all babies and toddlers from 6 month up to age 3.

Can be used on almost all high chair trays and table surfaces. Made from BPA free high grade LFGB silicone Please note


Designed to fit high chair trays!! - the new EasyMat Mini's bespoke design means that all babies can now enjoy the use of an EasyMat whether table or high chair feeding! Due to the huge success of the original EasyMat Tots R Us have now made available this new smaller version so that all babies can benefit from our super suction plate and placemat in one.FDA Approved food grade silicone, BPA, lead and phthalate free silicone

Suctions to any flat surface (except unfinished wood) - EasyMat Mini, like the EasyMat original has 4 corner suction cups which holds steady the plate and placemat making it safer and less messier to feed your little one. No more tipped over bowls! Hooray! The EasyMat Mini Baby and Toddler Plate holds suction in the middle and corners making it very difficult for babies & toddlers to unlock. The EasyMat Mini will job it's meant to do which is to make mealtimes ' More fun less mess'!

Eating out with your baby is now much easier! Our smaller design has been specifically aimed at providing a solution for travel feeding with weaning babies through to toddler age. The EasyMat Mini has folding sides and can be made a nice compact size to slip in to our carry case (included) and then in to your travel or nappy bag. Take on Holidays, Eat out with the family, meet your friends for lunch, take to grandmas's house....the list is endless!

Protective lid included - the plate section of the EasyMat Mini comes with a fitted plastic lid which means that food can be stored in the fridge or freezer. When eating out you can cover the messy part of your babies finished lunch by replacing the lid so you can keep clean and it can go back in to its' carry case and home to be washed.

Size guide- length: 32cm WIDTH 17.2cm. Please check these measurements if you are unsure whether the EasyMat mini will fit your highchair tray