The Circular Snoother Teether by Cheryl's Home & Family

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The Snoother Circular Teether

You Can Handle It

Babies aren’t born with hand-eye coordination. It isn’t until about 4 months old that a baby will start to bring a grasped object to their mouths. In the first year of life, a baby’s mouth plays an important role in their discovery and development of the world around them. This just happens to be around the same time that your baby will start teething and want nothing more than to chomp down on objects for gum relief. Our Circular Snoother is just what you need.

The Circular Snoother is the ultimate soft cloth teether made with your baby’s development in mind. The rounded design makes it easy to grip and practice their dexterity. They will be building strength and hand-eye coordination all while finding sweet gum relief. For those really painful days, the Knotty Snoother can be soaked in water and frozen for extra relief. The Circular Snoother is a safe, natural way to ease the pain of teething.

  • Soft white terry cloth, free of dyes and harsh chemicals
  • Easy to wash, easy to pack
  • Made first and foremost with baby’s safety in mind