Medela Calma Feeding System


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A revolutionary new feeding solution designed exclusively for breastfed babies. With the Calma feeding solution, a baby can finally apply the same feeding behaviour learned at the breast, when consuming expressed breastmilk. This allows for seamless transition between breast and Calma, and back to breast again. Baby maintains control of feeding session. Breastmilk flow stops when baby wants to pause & breathe. Just like mothers breast stays the same throughout the entire breastfeeding duration, so does Calma. Just like when breastfeeding, baby latches onto the Calma feeding solution by creating suction. Once suction has been established, the baby uses their tongue to increase or decrease the level of suction. When suction is at baseline (low level of suction), breastmilk will not flow through Calma. However, when a baby increases the level of suction, breastmilk will start to flow at the speed and quantity baby decides.

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