Boon JEWL Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier 4pk - Stage 2

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Did you know there’s two ways to suck? Nutritive sucking happens when your baby is feeding. Non-nutritive sucking happens when your baby is trying to self-soothe. Developed with a pediatric dentist, the JEWL pacifier’s design keeps self-soothing in mind. The gem-shaped nipple of this pacifier encourages tiny tongues to stay in the proper place, and the flared out shield allows baby’s jaw to move freely for a comfier suck. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, JEWL is a true gem.

  • SUCK ON THIS | Patented pacifier developed with a pediatric dentist for natural oral development
  • GEM OF A PACIFIER | Gem-shaped nipple helps encourage proper tongue placement
  • FULL OF FLARE | Flared shield allows jaw to move freely for a comfier suck
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT | Narrow neck design allows baby’s mouth to close more fully
  • EASY CLEAN SILICONE | One-piece, durable silicone design is dishwasher and sanitizer safe
  • STAGE 1 | 0m+
  • STAGE 2 | 3m+
  • Made without BPA or PVC
  • Includes 4 pacifiers