Baby Jogger Carry Bag - SINGLE UNIVERSAL

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Hopping from city to city with your Baby Jogger City Mini, City Elite, or City Summit baby stroller? Stow your stroller in safety and style during air travel with the Baby Jogger City Series Universal Single Carry Bag, designed for a snug fit for all of these City models, so your stroller reaches your destination unscathed. The Baby Jogger Universal Single Carry Bag is made with thick, durable coated canvas, with a sturdy carrying strap. You'll need to remove your Baby Jogger stroller's wheels to fit it inside the Carry Bag, but don't worry: each wheel has a pocket that zips securely around it, so the wheels won't rattle around. The stroller itself fits snugly in the bag, so it will be well protected on its way. Suitable for all Baby Jogger City Series strollers.

Feature specialized storage compartments for your wheel Make carrying or storing your single stroller as convenient as possible