Baby Einstein Tiny Tempo™ Musical Toy Drum

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Tiny Tempo™ Musical Toy Drum


Help baby explore music with the Baby Einstein Tiny Tempo Musical Drum Toy. This lightweight, portable drum features 21 real instrument sounds, 6 classical songs, and a 2-ring, bead chaser to help encourage musical exploration, cause and effect learning, and fine motor skills. With 2 modes of play, baby can create a unique drum fill with just a tap in Drum Play Mode or play along to 6 classical songs in Melody Mode. With every tap, baby’s cause and effect learning is supported. The bead chaser helps encourage baby’s dexterity and fine motor skill development. Brightly colored stickers help introduce colors, numbers, and shapes, and beloved bandmate Cal the Caterpillar from Baby Einstein shows and books helps cheer on baby’s musical exploration. Made for music on the go, this small, lightweight toy drum is easy for baby to hold and shake, and promotes musical engagement in the stroller, travel, or for solo sessions at home. Requires 2 AA batteries. Wipes clean.

The Baby Einstein Tiny Tempo Musical Toy Drum features 2 modes to help baby explore music. Baby can experiment with 21 percussion sounds as they tap, bang, and create unique rhythms in Drum Mode, or play along with 6 pre-recorded songs in Melody Mode.
2-ring, bead chaser engages tiny fingers as it promotes dexterity and fine motor skills like grasping and holding.
Portable and lightweight design makes it easy for baby to hold and take their show on the road!
Brightly colored stickers introduce numbers, basic shapes, and primary colors.
Wipes clean and requires 2 AA batteries.