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The key to proper tick removal is to get the whole tick, mouth parts included.  

Do not twist!  If you twist an embedded tick, you will most likely succeed in separating its body from its mouthparts, which may remain stuck in your skin and lead to infection.

 Use the AtlanTick TickPick like a crowbar, and with even pressure pry the tick out. Proper tick removal reduces the chance of squeezing the tick, or forcing it to regurgitate pathogens into your body.  

Proper Tick Removal - Atlantick TickPick™



The Do's

  • Choose the TickPick™ that is the best size for the size of the tick.

  • Slide it in as close to the skin as possible.

  • Slowly but consistently pull away from the area with even pressure.

  • Wash the site with antiseptic or soap and water, and monitor over the following weeks for any signs of rash or infection. ​

The Do Not's

  • Do not use flat headed tweezers, this will squeeze the embedded tick. You will empty its stomach and mouth contents, which may include up to 20 different pathogens, directly into your body.

  • Do not twist the tick to remove it as you will greatly increase the chance of breaking the tick’s mouth parts off, which will stay embedded in your skin. 

  • Do not pour oil or lubricants on top of the embedded tick. If you do so the tick may eventually release and back out, but only after the likelihood has increased that it will regurgitate pathogens into your body.

  • Do not apply a lit match to the embedded tick. Doing so will shock the tick, increasing the likelihood that it regurgitate pathogens into your body, while likely causing a burn and creating additional potential for infection.